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응답 시간의 향상
(300% 이상)
Traffic 폭주시 서버의 다운 현상 방지
DoS Attack 차단
Web Log 통합


[ 개 요 ]
중대한 비지니스 웹 어플리케이션의 안전한 전송을과 중단없는 가용성을 가능하게 하는 유이한 웹 최적화 제품군 NetScaler 는 강력한 Traffic 관리 기능과 함께 응용프로그램 보호, 보안, 가속화의 필수요소를 통합한 인터넷 기반 시스템의 새로운 제품군으로 개발되어졌다.

이 유일한 솔루션은 엔터프라이즈나 e-비지니스, 그리고 서비스 제공자들이 사용자의 성능에 영향을 주지 않고, 웹 운영의 총비용들을 줄이는동안에 Traffic 폭주와 악의의 공격, 보안 응용프로그램의 전송을 보호하는 것을 가능케 한다.

[ 효 과 ]
Continuous availability of business-critical web applications achieved through robust application protection from traffic surges, malicious attacks and intrusion attempts

Unlimited capacity for the secure delivery of web applications without compromise ? up to 4, 400 SSL sessions per second and 450 Mbps of encrypted throughput per system

Optimization of existing web infrastructure assets to dramatically expand server capacity, reduce bandwidth consumption and minimize operational complexity

...all at wire speed...

...with instantaneous cost savings and reduced operating expenditures

[ 시장에서 NetScaler의 부가 가치 ]
NetScaler extends beyond basic layer 4-7 traffic management functionality to create a new breed of web optimization system designed to ensure the protection, integrity and secure delivery of business-critical web applications.

[ 데이타 센타의 문제 ]
Today’s IT departments face an enormous challenge in optimizing their networks to deliver complex web applications to a growing base of end users. As business-critical applications are transitioned to the web, IT managers must address the increasing demands for application availability, faster response times and secure delivery of application requests, all while serving more users and working within the confines of reduced capital budgets and staff size.

At the same time, they are plagued with unpredictable network and backend delays, intermittent traffic surges, malicious site attacks and latency from legacy networking equipment that inhibits the ability to secure and protect application delivery without degrading end-user performance. The market is in need of a high-performance solution that solves this pain.

[ NetScaler : IT 문제에서의 솔루션 ]

. Performance - 웹 서버의 응답 시간 (response time) 향상; asp 오류 제거
. Scalability - 웹 서버당 유저수 증가
. Availability - 트래픽 서지(Traffic Surge)로 부터 웹 서버 보호
. Security - DoS(Denial of Service) Attacks 으로부터 웹 서버 보호
. Administration - 통합된 웹 로깅(Logging) 제공


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